Ann Brown started Tri-State Humane Society nearly two decades ago and has been caring for and finding loving homes for animals ever since.

According to Brown, years ago a group of people were put together by the city and county commissioners to find a way to put an animal shelter in Trenton. Although not everyone continues helping animals, Brown never ceased her passion.

“I realized if I was going to continue to do it,” Brown began,” I was going to do it the right way.”

Brown got a non-profit in animal welfare from the Federal Government, and she also received an Agricultural License, which means the Agriculture Department governs what they do.

Eventually Brown realized she was not going to be able to do this operation alone. One day, she met Trisha Kennamer at church and they clicked.

In the beginning people would call and say they had a litter of puppies, or some other animal they did not want, and they would take them in. Now, Brown and Kennamer save animals, primarily dogs, from kill shelters, nurse them back to health if needed and either take them to PetSmart every other Saturday to be adopted or they will transport them to larger humane societies to help find forever homes.

Although the pair is busy caring for these animals, they do not consider their successes to be just of their own.

“It’s me and Trisha that… do the physical labor,” Brown said, “But we couldn’t do this without all the people that support us.”

Brown and Kennamer are actively rescuing from shelters, and people still surrender animals to them when they are unable to properly care for them. Due to the amount of animals they care for at once, Brown stated they make trips to the Atlanta Humane Society, a completely no kill shelter, at least once a week. They have taken up to 25 dogs on one trip before. They have also transported animals to other states.

Since they are a nonprofit, none of the donations or adoption fees they receive go to Brown or Kennamer; all of the money goes to caring for the animals, that includes giving them vaccinations, spaying and neutering or grooming when necessary.

Caring for the animals can be expensive, that is why the Tri-State Humane Society holds fundraisers every month, including one big one a year.

This year’s fundraiser will be held on Saturday, March 7th at 6 p.m. with Evan Stone as the master of ceremonies.

The evening will begin with hors d'oeuvres and a silent auction; some of the gifts include: Broadway tickets at the Tivoli, gift cards, Lookout and Chattanooga Aquarium tickets, free movie passes, Alabama football tickets, a free night stay at the Marriott in downtown Chattanooga and a Black Creek round of golf for four players, just to name a few.

After dinner is served, a few clips will be shown about Tri-state’s story and successes. The event will conclude with a puppy walk, like every year.

“These kids walk out with those puppies,” Brown explained, “And it’s puppies that will come from the shelter… People just melt.”

The goal of the fundraiser is for Tri-State’s mission to reach more people and raise more funds to help take care of the animals.

For the past few years this fundraiser has been held at the Trenton Civic Center; however, last year attendance grew to 160 people, causing Brown and Kennamer to move the location to the Chattanooga Convention Center.

Tickets can be purchased through Brown, Kennamer or at Sundog Grooming for $30 a person; the latest date to purchase tickets is Wednesday, March 4th.

For more information, or to donate, visit the Tri-State Humane Society Facebook page.